Are you an artist/songwriter looking for affordable production, with great quality? I’d love to help you on your next project. I can produce anything from piano/acoustic/vocal demos to fully arranged, mixed, and mastered tracks. I have produced in styles such as pop, R&B, country, singer/songwriter, Christian contemporary, and more.

Demo Pricing:

piano/acoustic/vocal demo: $100

  • one to two instruments and a lead vocal

midline demo: $200

  • full “band” (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)

  • Lead vocal and optional BGV

full demo: $300

  • fully arranged demo including all of the above, as well as electronic elements such as samples, drum loops, synthesizers, in depth layering, etc.

Want to record a mixed/mastered track that’s ready to release on major platforms? Give me a shout at moshier.garrett@gmail.com and we’ll work out an affordable quote that fits your needs!