Garrett Moshier


Thanks for checking out my website! I’m an artist, producer, arranger, and sideman living in Nashville, Tennessee. I graduated from Belmont University in 2018, and have been spending my time recording and releasing music as an artist, producing for others, and playing for artists on the road as a guitarist, keyboardist, and background vocalist. I specialize in pop, rock, singer/songwriter, and funk music. You can check out some of my music, as well as music I’ve been a part of, here on my website.


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Tunes I've Worked On

by Garrett Moshier

Here’s a list of songs from myself and other artists that I’ve gotten the chance to be a part of!



Are you an artist/songwriter looking for affordable demos and productions? I’d love to help you out. I produce in many genres, ranging from pop, rock, and R&B, to country, folk, and singer/songwriter. Whether you’re looking for a piano/vocal demo, or a fully mixed and mastered track, I’m sure we can find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Demo pricing:

Acoustic/piano/vocal: $100

  • 1-2 instruments, lead vocal

Midline Demo: $200

  • full band (guitar, piano, drums, bass)

  • one lead vocal, and up to 2 background vocals

Full Demo: $300

  • Unlimited layering of instruments/vocals

  • Electronic instruments such as samples, drum loops, vocal chops, etc.

  • Optional remixing



Solo Performances

If you’re an event planner, booking coordinator, or talent buyer looking for music at your venue or party, I’d love to be your guy!

I’ve been doing solo cover performances for nearly 8 years, ranging 90 minute sets of ambient background music, to 3 hours performances of hits for party crowds. I can provide my own PA system, as well as perform songs from guitar OR piano, and cover my own transportation.

Let’s make your next event a hit! Contact me at for more info.



Performing my own music isn’t my only passion. I love doing work as a sideman and hired gun for other artists in town, or on the road! I’m primarily a lead guitarist and background vocalist, but can cover keyboards and bass guitar as well. I write great charts, and can also coordinate, hire, and direct a band for your upcoming show or tour.

A few artists I’ve performed with: Cody Fry, Jenny Gill, Rayvon Owen, Avalon Kali, Kiera Loveless, Briana Tyson, and more.